Free internet is available in the lobby. Wireless LAN also available in the lobby.

Kosetsu is the name of our restaurant offering you a selection of Japanese food at moderate prices. Whether you fancy a traditional kaiseki meal*, a bowl of Kosetsu’s famous noodles, or a simple snack of sushi and sashimi, Kosetsu can satisfy your tastebuds!

Kosetsu is also the venue for your daily complementary breakfast – served between 07.00 and 09.30. Lunch menus from 1,000 yen.

Sample lunch and dinner menu
1,500 yen (set price)

Please select TWO of your favourite dishes from the following:
• Tempura
• Burned beef with sweet red miso
• Sashimi (raw fish)
• Steamed eel with egg
• Beef steak (70g)
• Boiled seasonal vegetables and fish
• Fried crab croquette (available in spring and summer only)
• Tofu tempura

Your selection is served with rice, Japanese soup, and a small salad.

Open-air bathing
You can experience the relaxing pleasure of a traditional Japanese open-air bath at Hotel Edoya. We have separate men’s and women’s open-air bathing areas. There is also a men’s sauna room.

Pants Press
There is a pants press available for your use on the 6th floor.

Laundry and dry cleaning
A self-service coin laundry is available in the hotel. Dry cleaning can be organised by the reception staff.


Kosetsu Resturant

Kosetsu Entrance

Out-air Baths

Relaxation Room