Getting There

Hotel Edoya is conveniently located, with easy access to public transport.

Hotel Edoya - Close to public transport

Hotel Edoya – Close to public transport

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Google maps will give you helpful information about out location, as well as directions for getting to the hotel. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like more detailed information about getting to the hotel.

From Narita Airport to Hotel Edoya

The fastest and most reasonably priced access from Narita is via the KEISEI SKYLINER train to Ueno Station. The Skyliner takes 60 minutes and cost approximately 1,920 yen. The commuter express train takes 90 minutes and cost approximately 920 yen. At Ueno Station take the IKE-NO-HATA-GUCHI exit (side exit), and then take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi ride is 5-6 minnutes, and cost approximately 710 Yen.

From HANEDA AIRPORT to Hotel Edoya

Take Tokyo mono rail to Hamamatucho sta.
Take JR Yamanote line to Tokyo sta.
Change onto JR Chuo line to Ochanomizu sta.

It’s a 9-10 minute walk from the station to Edoya.

There are a number of other railwa and subway stations which are within walking distance of Hotel Edoya:

Keisei & JR Ueno Station – 20-25 minutes walk
JR OCHANOMIZU Station – 10 minutes walk
YUSHIMA Station on the Chiyoda Line (Map available at the station)
- 3 minutes walk
SUEHIROCHO Station on the Gina Line (Map available at the station)
- 7 minutes walk
JR OKACHIMACHI Station – 12 minutes walk

Easy access to other subway and rail stations

3 minutes walk to-from YUSHIMA Station on the CHIYODA LINE

7 minutes walk to-from SUEHIROCHO Station on the GINZA LINE

9 minutes walk to-from OCHANOMIZU Station on the JR LINE

12 minutes walk to-from OKACHIMACHI Station on the JR LINE