Nearby Attractions

Tokyo attractions within 5-20 minutes walk of Hotel Edoya
AKIHABARA renowned consumer electronics paradise!
OKACHIMACHI bargain shopping at its best
UENO housing Tokyo’s acclaimed park, zoo and museums

Tokyo attractions approximately 15 minutes by public transport
(a short 7 minute walk from Hotel Edoya takes you to SUEHIROCHO Station, then an 8 minute ride on the GINZA subway line takes you to either ASAKUSA or GINZA)

ASAKUSA is the heart of ‘old Tokyo’. The Asakusa Kannon Temple is one of Tokyo’s oldest, and within the Temple grounds are a wealth of speciality shops. Here you can buy washi (rice paper), delicate fans, geta (Japanese wooden sandals), kimono and obi (gowns and sashes), lacquer wear and many other traditional Japanese handcrafts.

GINZA is a world-renowned shopping district. Modern department stores (both Japanese and European), traditional Japanese shops, and a range of outstanding restaurants and bars stand side-by-side in this fascinating area.

Other nearby attractions, accessible by public transport or within walking distance include:

• 15 – 25 minutes
Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku, Ikebukero, Akasaka, Nakano, Kappabashi (wholesale china and crockery).

• 30 – 40 minutes
Tsukiji fish market, Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi.

• 45 – 60 minutes
Tokyo Disney Resort, Odaiba, Ghibli Museum, Sanrio-Puro-Land.

YANAKA an historical section of Tokyo, developed as a temple town in EdoEra (1603 – 1867). YANAKA is one of the few sections of Tokyo that remained undamaged after the bombing of world War II. The Yanaka neighbourhood contains a historical buildings and a traditional shopping ginza (street). Two other histroical neighbourhoods adjoin Yanaka: Sendagi and Nezu. These two districts provide a glimpse of residential life in old Edo.