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Breakfast information

  • 【Breakfast】Japanese and Western buffet style

    Guests can enjoy breakfast for free.
    Breakfast is served in Japanese and Western buffet style.
  • 【Breakfast】Offer menu

    Breakfast menu example*It depends on the day.

    rice/miso soup/lettuce/tomato/corn/broccoli/potato salad/Omelet/grilled fish/sausage/Shumai/meatballs/Natto/Salted plum/Takuan/Kinpira/simmered hijiki/dried radish/hamburger/Plain bread/roll bread/Yogurt/fruits/Boiled egg/Other daily specials
  • Breakfast venue

    • Japanese Food"Kosetsu”(B1F)

      breakfast time

      7:00 to 9:30(9:15 Last entry)