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  2. Information on Surrounding Area

Information on Surrounding Area

Information on the surrounding area

  • Surrounding tourist attractions

    • Yushima Tenjin Shrine

      3-minute walk
    • Yushima Seido

      7-minute walk
    • Kanda Myoujin (Kanda Shrine)

      7-minute walk
    • Tokyo University(Akamon)

      15-minute walk
    • Tokyo Dome City / Korakuen

      20-minute walk
  • shopping spot

    • Akihabara Electric Town

      9 minutes on foot
    • Okachimachi Shopping Street(Ameyoko)

      12 minutes on foot
    • Summit Yushima Store

      【Opening Hours】9:00 to 23:00
      2-minute walk
    • Hanamasa Plus+ Yushima Store

      【Opening Hours】From 6:00 to 25:00
      4 minutes walk
    • 7-Eleven Yushima 2-chome Store

      【Opening Hours】Open 24 hours a day
      3-minute walk
    • Don Quijote Akihabara Store

      【Opening Hours】Open 24 hours a day
      12 minutes on foot
    • Takeya

      【Opening Hours】9:00 to 21:00
      18 minutes walk
  • Spots around Ueno Station

    • Ueno Park Shinobazu Pond

      10-minute walk
    • Ueno Zoological Gardens

      18 minutes walk
    • Tokyo National Museum/The National Museum of Western Art/Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

      25 minutes on foot
    • Matsuzakaya Ueno Store

      10-minute walk
  • Dojo Tour

    • Kodokan

      23 minutes on foot
    • Japan Karate Association

      35 minutes walk
  • Other Tokyo Attractions

    • 10 minutes from Suehirocho Station to Asakusa Asakusa Station on the Ginza Ginza Line


      It is the center of "Old Tokyo".
      Asakusa Kannon is one of the oldest temples in Tokyo, and there are many specialty shops within the grounds.
      Here you can buy Japanese paper, delicate folding fans, clogs, kimonos and obis, lacquerware and many other traditional Japanese crafts.

    • 10 minutes from Suehirocho Station to Ginza Station by subway Ginza Line


      Ginza is a world-famous shopping district.
      The area is lined with modern department stores, traditional Japanese shops and a wide variety of restaurants and bars.
    • 11 minutes from Ochanomizu Station to Shinjuku Station by JR Chuo Line rapid train


      Shinjuku is a popular downtown area that represents Tokyo and is home to the world-famous Kabukicho.
      There are many department stores, huge electronics stores, and fashion buildings, making it ideal for shopping.
      With a short walk, you can enjoy a new side of lush greenery.
    • 25 minutes from Suehirocho Station to Shibuya Station by subway Ginza Line


      Shibuya, famous for its scramble crossing, is known by people around the world as the epicenter of Japanese youth's music and fashion styles.
      In addition to youth culture, Shibuya is also a place where you can enjoy art such as museums and art.